Going Mobile

  • in 2016 Over 50% of small businesses have built a mobile app. That number is expected to increase to 80% in 2018 .
  • Improved customer service was the primary reason for Businesses to build an app.
  • High costs for development and maintenance are the
    main reasons that businesses fall behind on their mobile presence and lose a significant share of the market.

What we do

We review your existing PHP (WordPress or Custom) web site to architect a cost-effective  mobile App that works on IOS and Android.  The App works seamlessly with your web site adding very little load.

We provide end-to-end services using proven technologies to help your business bridge the gap between existing web services and the mobile world.


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Why do you need an App?

  • Be available and visible to customers at All Times. The average person spends more than two hours a day on his or her mobile device.
  • Provide Value to Your Customers.
  • Build Brand Recognition
  • Improve Customer Engagement.
  • Stand Out From the Competition.
  • Cultivate Customer Loyalty.


The Methodology


With our deep experience with modern web frameworks and databases we analyse your existing web infrastructure to determine the best pathways to sharing your data, services, and products on mobile platforms.


Create a visual and written roadmap for the development process, clearly outlining milestones and dependencies,

Design and Development

The development roadmap will comprise simultaneous development on the back end API and the code structure on the app resulting in a tightly coupled and efficient application flow.


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