Who are we?

Apps for your company is a Montreal and NYC based App and Web design, development and maintenance company, with over 20 years experience.

Our business experience and technical know-how has helped  businesses build and grow their web and mobile presence and improve their ROI.

Our Story

We are pioneers in the web and mobile arena.

We created what may be the first art magazine with purely internet based reporting.  Writers and journalists covered art exhibitions and we published articles on a bi-weekly basis. This was in 1996.

We created graphical emails and personalized landing pages.  Back in 2001.

We created Menuraves, our first IOS app.  A social media app for the food industry back in 2005. It had location based contextual information from social media combined with member comments. So if I were in Soho NYC, my partner Dan's favorite restaurants would pop up with  his comments and photos and the restaurant's daily tweets. Way before 4 Square.

Now we are putting our hard earned experience to good use. For customers like you.

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